GDPR – From the 25th of May, 2018 the New EU regulation on DATA comes into effect. This is very timely especially in light of how data was hacked and manipulated by Cambridge Analytica, including to manipulate elections in different countries. Investigations are still ongoing into what crimes may have occurred.         […]

business research data analysis

Business researched data in Nigeria gives new opportunities

Get your business research data analysis for your new or to be reviewed business plan!! Consider these critical questions for your business or proposed business and your answers to them? Who buys or will buy your product the most? Where does or could your products sell the most? When does it sell the most now? […]

In search of a competent Nigerian president come 2019 – 1

In search of a competent Nigerian president come 2019 – 1 Further to my Facebook post encouraging all my facebook Friends to attend the 12th of May Sowore Townhall meeting in London, I did attend the event, to discern if my “Omoyele Sowore” is the one! The following blog entry is my impression of him!! […]

The new business directory

We have added a new business directory to our portfolio. All my social media connections are entitled to FREE listing into it. So they can enjoy greater search engine ranking as we boost promotional campaign. What you need to do, if you are not already on it, and either have a business or have plans […]

Data Analytics 101, the new crude oil, why?

DATA ANALYTICS 101 Since the advent of social media, the hunger for more data analytics about consumers has increased the value of data. When you add this to the explosion of numbers of people who have mobile phones with internet access, the value of information has only increased even more. Now add the fact that […]


Debonair Training and Campaigns power your digital technology from small business selling products on their websites, to entertainment search portals like IROKO TV, to full fledged campaigns to promote and support your organisation deliver its products using big data to Online training systems and schools. With technology anything can happen such as the E-book conversion […]

Business intelligence at the click of a button

At Debonair Training we not only produce software to meet your immediate need, but intuitive software to meet your future need. For instance all clients are able to at the click of a button, enjoy the benefits of big data. This equips business with business intelligence (BI) to make firm decisions, to reach their profit […]

Edo girls wrong stereotype and tackling sex trafficking problem

The investigative documentary by CNN into continuing sex trafficking from Edo state, Nigeria to Libya shocked a lot of viewers, not least because the travails of those who were enslaved in Libya is supposed to be already public knowledge exposed by the same CNN. I think it is shameful that Edo state is now tagged […]