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Aliens Media | Technology consultancy
Media and marketing consultancy

Segun Awosanya (SEGA), is the CEO of Aliensmedia, which he co-founded in 2002. Aliensmedia
is a futuristic brand, media and technology initiative climbing in the lead of the technology consumer/business world with its revolutionary approach to diverse business solutions and trainings.

He is a Masters Degree Holder from the prestigious University of Lagos, in the Department of Estate Management and he’s currently researching his PhD on Environmental sustainability (Surrey).

A disciplined result oriented, energetic creative and technical director, media marketing consultant, broadcast engineer and realtor with over 18 years track record of creating and developing highly successful and innovative advertising, brand, reputation/perception/crisis management, information communication technology (ICT) technical support and direct marketing campaigns (driven by strategy and powered by business objectives).

His strength include developing and delivering total value proposition strategy documents, user centric designs, brand development/reincarnation on diverse media and excellent implementation of skills across a variety of platforms with a proven record in training, managing teams and building and maintaining client relationship.

He presently consults for several firms, Government and Non-Governmental Organizations globally on technology, business strategy, strategic communication, real estate investments & wealth management, personal development, crisis/perception management, soft skills and media matters. He sits on several boards of reputable firms across diverse interests and sectors in the capacity of Chief Strategist, President, Vice President, Brand Consult & Chief Technology Adviser. He is happily married to Odezi Awosanya (an Estate Surveyor & Valuer) and they both have a charming son Jaden Adeoluwa Uzoezi and a beautiful princess Ayla Adeola Eniyome.

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ECR | Microsoft-based technologies | Nigeria
ECR Technology Services
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ECR Technology Services
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ECR Technology Services
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Microsoft-based technologies. Training and management

ECR Technology Services was founded as an Information Technology and Management Services company, to offer comprehensive range of services using Microsoft-based technologies.
In particular, we are dedicated to assisting companies implement Microsoft SharePoint-based solutions in the most effective way possible to help their businesses thrive.

Our philosophy is that we succeed if you as our customer thrive through the system solutions that we help you to implement.

Our wide-ranging experience in SharePoint-based solutions make us your ideal partner for your SharePoint implementation projects. We can assist you from the initial scoping and planning to full implementation of any SharePoint-based projects.

Our driving philosophy is built on this tripod stands: our vision, our values and our approach. Our vision is underpinned by our values and driven by our approach.

Our Vision
To be the most trusted IT services company in the markets in which we operate.

We aim to provide you the customer with the most cost-effective services in the industry. In addition, our workforce will operate with the utmost diligence and integrity in discharging their services to you. Professional attitude to work is taken as the norm within ECR Technology Services.

We see our clients and customers as an extended part of ECR Technology Services, and therefore treat them with the same professionalism and dedication promoted within the company. We hope that clients and customers will enter into and maintain long term relationships with ECR Technology Services as recognition of our professionalism and dedication.

Our Values
At ECR, we are dedicated to the provision of information systems services following basic Christian ethical values of service and trust. Two words define our values – delivery and trust.

We realise that the ability to deliver to you as our customer is how you would ultimately judge us. We are passionate about delivering high standard services and solutions to our customers and therefore support every action we take with careful consideration of the impact to your business bottom line. We call that approach “thoughts in action“.

We see our clients and customers as an extended part of ECR Technology Services family, and therefore treat them with the same professionalism and dedication promoted within the company.

We believe that our business should be built on a trusting relationship between us and our customers, for only then can we thrive and succeed as a company.

Our Approach
Our approach is a simple one. You trust us to deliver, we deliver on your trust, to guarantee continuing custom. We are here for tomorrow and not just for today. That is why delivery and trust underpin our approach to delivering solutions and services to you our customer. We call it “thoughts in action“. We think therefore we deliver.

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Restructuring book

Restructuring is long overdue, however the focus at the moment is myopic, the restructuring debate at the moment is really about oil wealth and redistribution of it so there is more wealth allocation to Southern states where the oil comes from than the northern states. However, this view needs to be re-examined because indeed as already stated in the previous chapter there needs to be more equitable distribution of power and allocation, although the basis for doing this is still shaky. To start with little is truly known of what the real economic situation in Nigeria is by those doing the agitation the loudest.
Most do not know of this chart of our GDP resources nor can they interprete it. 

Those driving the conversation or agitation don’t yet comprehend that while Crude oil exports accounts for 90% of foreign exchange, it only accounts for 14% of GDP. They don’t yet comprehend why a small infestation of Tomato plants in the North, led to Tomato scarcity that caused inflation of stable Tomato based products, that affects hunger directly. Most Nigerians haven’t learned the lesson of the “Ghana must go bag”. In other words the same northerners that you think you are subsidizing due to the oil in the south, may be the one feeding them right now with their produce.

However digital technology in the 21st century allows us to see clearer so we know exactly what is what, with the ability to not only collect data, collate it, cleanse it, data-mine it and draw business intelligent decisions that allow us to stop shooting ourselves in the foot or going around in vicious cycles.

Such digital opportunities are currently being exploited in the services sector in the graphic above, but there are many more datamining and business intelligence opportunities still lying fallow until recently such as:

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Restructuring or Acculturing 1 of Nigeria by Gregory Ekhator (e-Book ) Gregory E Ekhator

  • Restructuring or Acculturing 1 of Nigeria by Gregory Ekhator (e-Book ) This book is perhaps like no other you have read before, as it is one of the first books to be converted from a series of related Articles and Blog posts. The research question guiding every chapter of this book is: Will restructuring change the attitude of Nigerians to Nigeria? Metaphorically speaking: Should the cart be pulling the horse or the horse pulling the cart?

    Key Subjects:

    • Nigeria today, position in the world and achievements?
    • Recurring underlying problems which restructuring may not solve?
    • ​Opportunities existing in the problems including digital technology
    • Foreseeing result of constructing, restructuring or destructing Nigeria from the perspective of Nigerians as interactively blogged live.
    This book is the culmination of my passion​ate study/experience of Nigeria, the articles  and intense discussions i have had with fellow Nigerians. A contribution to the existing body of work, and roadmap for generations to come. Nigeria is uniquely positioned in the world, and to whom much is given, much is expected. Note: After downloading, for best Viewing/E-Reading, ADD extension/plugin "PDF dFlip viewer" to your browser
  • Debonair Training and Publisher
  • December 1, 2017
  • 270 pages