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Promise Bon | Comedy | Nollywood movie | Dublin
Promise Bon

There are very few talented creative industry artists in her class.
Her vocal and impersonation skills are second to none except maybe to EDDIE MURPHY. Someone said she is the female version of him. Her male voice sounds authentic too. One thing she has better than Eddie Murphy is she can sing very well and dance. Another one is she does comedy in English and Edo languages fluently.

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Promise Bon Comedy Entertainments Troupe Dublin

BenAlex Media
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Benalex Media is a film production company. 

Our brand runs various projects including TV Series, TV Shows, TV Commercials & Placements, Acting classes and Studio hires for casting etc

The Short film by Director Malcolm A Benson was Nominated to the Golden Orchid Film Festival in USA Forget The Pact Movie

Malcolm A Benson is the brain behind the Benalex Media Brand. He is a Lawyer and an Actor who also Writes, Directs & Produces a number of films through Benalex Media. Some of the successful projects are Phantom of Fury, Ortega and His Enemies, Lads in The City and Return of The Don etc. He also works with other film makers to produce films such as Gold Dust Ikenga etc. He directed the film Forget The Pact and launched two TV shows called Take 101 and Show4Africa TV

Biography of Malcolm A Benson
Malcolm A Benson is a multi award winning Media Professional and the CEO of Benalex Media based in London. He is an Alumni of London Metropolitan University having obtained two Academic Hons Degrees as well as a Post-graduate diploma and other undergraduate qualifications in the same University. His first academic degree was in Professional Studies in Education (BA Hons) followed by a second degree in Law (LLB). He then went on to do an LPC before joining a Law firm in London where he now practices. He is a Mentor and has mentored a number of students at the London Metropolitan University as well as in the film industry. M A Benson also qualified as a Teacher before following his passion and extending his reach into the Media and Entertainment industry. He is a Film Producer, Actor, Director and Screenplay writer. He won Best Actor and Best Producer at the African Film Awards in 2016 and 2017 consecutively. He has produced a number of films such as ‘Phantom of Fury’; ‘Forget the Pact’, Gold Dust Ikenga, Lads in The City and ‘Ortega and His Enemies’, which had picked up 14 Film awards nominations.

His most recent film Return of The Don, having sold out its UK Premiere seats at the British Film Institute (BFI) IMAX Cinema and hitting no 23 on UK Box Office chart, has also won 5 Film Festival Awards. These include the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival Award of Recognition, Canada International Film Festival Award of Excellence, Depth of Field International Film Festival Award of Exceptional Merit, Accolade International Film Festival Award etc. Return of The Don has received over 40 Film Award Nominations so far including The Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, Festival International De Film du Cannes, London Independent Film Festival, NAFCA Awards, ZAFAA Global Awards, CA Awards, BEFFTA Awards, Cameron Film Awards, African Film Awards etc.

Malcolm Benson’s Film Premiered in Cannes twice and was chosen and screened at the Mache Du Film by the New World Cinemas in Cannes. M A Benson has been Nominated Best Director, Best Producer, Best Screen Writer and Best Actor by the Los Angeles based NAFCA Prestigious Awards, BEFFTA Awards, ZAFAA Global Awards and African Film Awards in 2016 Awards seasons. In previous years M A Benson has amongst other awards also picked up the ZAFAA Best UK Film Director and The Life Changers Award as a Champion for Art and Culture. He has also won the Gathering of Africa’s Best (The GAB Awards) for his contributions on the promotion of the positive image of Africa and Africans through The Arts

His many TV productions are shown on flagship sky channels such as Nollywood Movies Channel 329 and Vox Africa Channel 218. This includes the high profile ‘Show 4 Africa’ and ‘Take 101’ which have attracted widespread media appeal. Take 101 is a documentary TV series that helps film makers especially new, young and upcoming ones to learn the A to Z about the film making process. Take101 aired on Vox Sky Channel 218 English platform. Not long after the successful UK movie premier  of ‘Ortega and his enemies’, Benalex Media hit the screens with Take 101, a 26 part, 15 minutes documentary series about film making. From concept to reality, from idea to motion picture, Take101 interviews industry professionals, taking its audience through the A to Z of film making. This educative yet highly entertaining documentary gives its audience a deeper insight into life in the showbiz industry, which include; screenwriting for Micro Budget Films, the A-Z of digital filmmaking, planning, pre-production, scheduling, casting, marketing & Selling, all you need to know about producing your first movie and more.

Take 101 also looks into selling movies/scripts to Hollywood, Africa and Asia, as well as showing its audience film reviews and critical analysis on films made, especially by British, Ghallywood and Nollywood film makers.

M A Benson is actively involved in the community leadership, fund raising and empowerment projects. He has worked actively as a committee member for three Former Mayors of the London Borough of Waltham Forest and two Former Mayors of London Borough of Enfield raising money for various charities. He is a committee member for delivering the successful Nigerian Centenary Awards UK 2014. He is a founding member of the Actors Guild of UK Nollywood as well as the President of the UK Nollywood Producers Guild. M A Benson has won the GAB Award 2016 at the Gathering of Africas Best for his contribution to the promotion of a positive image of Africa and Africans worldwide in The Arts. He has also won the African Entrepreneur Award 2016 and The Life Changers Award as a Champion for Art and Culture being driven by his passion for giving back to the community. Malcolm A Benson is a much heralded industry leader and champion.

Some of his work can be found on Facebook M A Benson, Twitter MabensonFilm, IMdB Malcolm Benson, Instagram Mabensonproduction, etc.

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