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Kano State-based politician and a Second Republic lawmaker, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, has reiterated his claim of nepotism against President Muhammadu Buhari, stating why he must not be returned in 2019.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Mohammed said there is “someone called Tunde, originally called Sabiu Yusuf. He is the son of Mamman Daura’s immediate younger sister. He is, today, P.A to the President, even though he has never worked for one day in his life. But a P.A job is normally the work of a full-blown director or a permanent secretary. That boy only got married last year and as I speak to you now, he is one of the billionaires in Nigeria today.”

Speaking on the existence of cabal in Buhari’s government, Mohammed said “When I started talking about the cabal over two years ago, many Nigerians, some of them with the best but naive intentions, thought there was no such thing as cabals. But there is a cabal. Because Buhari has been out of government for many years, he has not been able to update his knowledge in terms of development and events in and outside the country. And because of this and in my own estimation, we now have the least competent, the most isolated, most divisive and arrogant leader in the history of Nigeria. And in a country that is so complex and not so cohesive, this is clearly a disaster, which is where we are heading.”

LyfeBites | Motivational | Talkshow host | Amber

LyfeBites is a platform where everything and anything about life is discussed, (Bits and pieces of life in general), it entails discussions of inspirations, motivations and educational affairs of life as a whole, life aspects are shared in order to transform lives, in general. Also a supportive and interactive segment for everyone, bringing hope to humanity with particular focus on how we deal with our day to day challenges that life offers.

AIM / Mission

People may ask, why we choose to do this. It is simple!!! We all need helping hands. It is our aim and mission to encourage, inspire and motivate people in different aspect of life. There are people going through difficulties and they are in need of help. We bring you hope through thoughts and shared ideas, like the saying goes “Where there’s life, there’s hope”. Then figure out what they may already know or what have not yet thought of. Often times we just need to hear that everything is going to be alright. This is our mission and aim to hopefully reach out to someone in need as friends, a sister, or even a reason to say……. “If she can, then I can too”.

How it Works: The platform is designed friendly and welcoming, so anyone can share experiences or bring topics they wish to discuss or improve on, that is, if and when they want to. We all have to come together as a community in one accord to elevate each other.

LyfeBites says that “dreams can be reality only if we dare to dream and dare to move towards achieving them”.

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Charles Khiran | leadership| entrepreneurship | empowerment
“If you are going to think, think big”
~ Charles Khiran

Charles Khiran is recognized as an authority in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, inspiration and empowerment. Many people speak to give their audiences a warm feeling, not Charles. He speaks to transform! Long  after the event audiences are still reeling from the impact of his words in their minds and hearts which inspires them to take action.

Charles is a keynote speaker of conviction and leaves his audience in awe. He has won high praise from the great to the most humble in society who clamour to express their appreciations. He speaks with uncommon knowledge and wisdom, with the ability to handle difficult subjects with skill and simplicity.

As an entrepreneur Charles has experienced many losses, much pain and business failures including bankruptcy over the past two decades. He has never allowed those failures to stop him advancing and failing forward. This is why he has an unusual connection with his many audiences as he connects intuitively with them, whether royalty, government ministers, State Governors, Business titans, Civic or Church leaders.

As an entrepreneur Charles has reached the top of his profession in several of his many business exploits. As a multi-level marketing professional he experienced his first real success over 23 years ago, he reached the ‘top of the table’ with two separate companies achieving stunning success by developing teams of high performing leaders and entrepreneurs of over 30,000 – 40,000 people in his business. From America, Middle East, Africa and across Europe, Charles continues to impact lives.

Some selected Achievements

NMD (Pac 10) Successfully developed a team of over 15,000 self-employed individuals in 10 countries, without internet, webinars or social media facilities. He did it the old fashioned way across multi-borders, person to person marketing and group presentations. He achieved the highest designation in NSA/Juice Plus (an American wellness and nutrition company) achievement ladder including the prestigious president’s advisory council member (PAC 10) between 1992 – 2012

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Restructuring book

Restructuring is long overdue, however the focus at the moment is myopic, the restructuring debate at the moment is really about oil wealth and redistribution of it so there is more wealth allocation to Southern states where the oil comes from than the northern states. However, this view needs to be re-examined because indeed as already stated in the previous chapter there needs to be more equitable distribution of power and allocation, although the basis for doing this is still shaky. To start with little is truly known of what the real economic situation in Nigeria is by those doing the agitation the loudest.
Most do not know of this chart of our GDP resources nor can they interprete it. 

Those driving the conversation or agitation don’t yet comprehend that while Crude oil exports accounts for 90% of foreign exchange, it only accounts for 14% of GDP. They don’t yet comprehend why a small infestation of Tomato plants in the North, led to Tomato scarcity that caused inflation of stable Tomato based products, that affects hunger directly. Most Nigerians haven’t learned the lesson of the “Ghana must go bag”. In other words the same northerners that you think you are subsidizing due to the oil in the south, may be the one feeding them right now with their produce.

However digital technology in the 21st century allows us to see clearer so we know exactly what is what, with the ability to not only collect data, collate it, cleanse it, data-mine it and draw business intelligent decisions that allow us to stop shooting ourselves in the foot or going around in vicious cycles.

Such digital opportunities are currently being exploited in the services sector in the graphic above, but there are many more datamining and business intelligence opportunities still lying fallow until recently such as:

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Restructuring or Acculturing 1 of Nigeria by Gregory Ekhator (e-Book ) Gregory E Ekhator

  • Restructuring or Acculturing 1 of Nigeria by Gregory Ekhator (e-Book ) This book is perhaps like no other you have read before, as it is one of the first books to be converted from a series of related Articles and Blog posts. The research question guiding every chapter of this book is: Will restructuring change the attitude of Nigerians to Nigeria? Metaphorically speaking: Should the cart be pulling the horse or the horse pulling the cart?

    Key Subjects:

    • Nigeria today, position in the world and achievements?
    • Recurring underlying problems which restructuring may not solve?
    • ​Opportunities existing in the problems including digital technology
    • Foreseeing result of constructing, restructuring or destructing Nigeria from the perspective of Nigerians as interactively blogged live.
    This book is the culmination of my passion​ate study/experience of Nigeria, the articles  and intense discussions i have had with fellow Nigerians. A contribution to the existing body of work, and roadmap for generations to come. Nigeria is uniquely positioned in the world, and to whom much is given, much is expected. Note: After downloading, for best Viewing/E-Reading, ADD extension/plugin "PDF dFlip viewer" to your browser
  • Debonair Training and Publisher
  • December 1, 2017
  • 270 pages