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The new business directory

We have added a new business directory to our portfolio. All my social media connections are entitled to FREE listing into it. So they can enjoy greater search engine ranking as we boost promotional campaign. What you need to do, if you are not already on it, and either have a business or have plans […]

Debonair Training and BigData

Debonair Training is now offering online training classes on BigData. Book now or send enquiries to

Restructuring book

Download Restructuring Book 1

Download Restructuring of Nigeria Book 1 by Gregory Ekhator If you have any issues downloading or accessing, give feedback at

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Debonair Training and Campaigns power your digital technology from small business selling products on their websites, to entertainment search portals like IROKO TV, to full fledged campaigns to promote and support your organisation deliver its products using big data to Online training systems and schools. With technology anything can happen such as the E-book conversion […]

Edo girls wrong stereotype and tackling sex trafficking problem

The investigative documentary by CNN into continuing sex trafficking from Edo state, Nigeria to Libya shocked a lot of viewers, not least because the travails of those who were enslaved in Libya is supposed to be already public knowledge exposed by the same CNN. I think it is shameful that Edo state is now tagged […]

Nigerian state supporting home grown innovation

In todays Evening Standard 8:2:18 there is a tribute to State govt helping Tech South African “Musk” creator of Electric car Tesla, Space X & Paypal. I am Nigerian and just published a book about our Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Instead of the Nigerian govt and people to rally around entrepreneural creative spirit […]

Online School with new classes

DEBONAIR VIRTUAL SCHOOL (DVS) is now introducing some extra training courses to cater for increased demand for Data analytics courses, following the successful eye opener provided by the recently published book “Restructuring or Acculturing of Nigeria 1” Chapter 4 details new opportunities due to high usage of data, comparatively in the world. Nigeria is the […]

Site policy agreement

Debonair Training Virtual Learning Environment Acceptable Use Policy Debonair Training is pleased to offer staff and learners the use of the Moodle online learning environment. However, misuse of the site could have serious legal implications for users and for Debonair Training. In order to use the platform you must agree to abide by the following rules. You […]