June 3, 2018



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To ensure your campaign project delivers measurable results we have tailored campaign projects to feature some elements to deliver the quickest benefits at competitive pricing within 30 days, Starting from £33/day for a minimum of 30 days to include all of the folliwing: Therefore totalling £990/month

We offer a range of these to leverage your existing business database while building it up to be more formidable:
-E-Pay store or ecommerce
-Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
-Supply Chain Management (SCM)
-Capturing email addresses into lists on your website
-Surveys and polls
-Facebook Business page
-Twitter handle
-You tube promo videos
-Search index portal listing
The above list is not exhaustive of marketing tools but a cross section of the most common ones.

<p>Debonair Campaign System. We integrate four strategic steps from this stage to achieve campaign objectives. Starting from here with Community Builder: all like minds are gathered ie all our contacts, social media friends, fans and followers have their attention focused on the campaign project at hand.
The ethos of Debonair campaign is to build a movement for every campaign. A community of people who believe in a JUST cause.

PROJECTS : All our campaigns: Market, Political or Charitable campaigns are broken down to Projects. These projects are project managed using our campaign project management software with tracking & tweaking for desired outcomes.

ACTIONS:All Canvassing interactions are micro-managed using an EBUSINESS system called Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This system uses a myriad of sophisticated interactions to keep targets consumed with excitement over proposal, progress and the positive use of their power.

This applies whether the target is an electorate, a market share or a Church denomination. This keeps their involvement immersion even palpable.

RESULTS: We provide state of the art engaging sliding graphs and magic hoards to indicate and motivate progress as well as more action.

REWARD:You accrue points for your positive canvass efforts.

Every knock on the door Every email sent Every social media share Every presentation Every meeting Every party Every speech All activities have assigned points that yield commensurate results that are tracked & followed up on efficiently to guarantee our success.


Price: £990.00

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Online ecommerce store

Purpose built ecommerce stores or customised ecommerce stores can be designed, developed and deployed for all small to medium sized businesses including those listed in our portal directory.

It is recommended for all our subscribers, especially because of the Business to Business (B2B) market opportunities the portal creates for our subscribers. Prices start from £250 down payment, and 2 monthly installments of another £250. All ecommerce solutions produced by us are completely scalable.

These could include:

  • Integrated shopping cart with calculations
  • Subscription based payment
  • Paypal or pay button
  • Donations

Or other bespoke pay system.

From £250 per month in 3 payments for the simplest but powerful functional shopping cart, for about 25 products


Price: £250.00

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GDPR Compliance

GDPR – Get cookie law compliant with the new EU law for data protection – we will also provide a free data security consultation Report on your e-organisation.

This is for a simple web solution with a contact form, a shopping cart and blog. For more detailed enterprise compliance or more information on getting GDPR compliant contact-us here.


Price: £50.00

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Bespoke database custom software

custom software

custom software

Bespoke database custom software

We produce world class database software for small, medium or large enterprises. These are typically CRM (Customer Relationship and Case Management), BI (Business Intelligence), SCM (Supply Chain Management, ERP (Entrepreneur Resource Planning)), Intranet, database applications such as:

  • Travel agencies
  • Recruitment agencies
  • online search directories
  • restaurant order software
  • Distribution operations
  • Manafucturing firms

With the aforementioned their mobile Uber like App software solutions that give massive data processing competitive advantages in the tough market place.
The richness, scalabality, security and extensibility of these solution depend on the richness of the specifications and the budget for the problem the software will solve. For more information contact us here

or here


Price: £0.00

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