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NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! There is a paucity of good candidates running for the 9ja presidential election.
Now my attitude is that the candidates nominated right now, have gotten there using the system, rotten as it may be. To reform this system, some qualified and appropriate peeps will just have to navigate their way there & attempt to change the system, because the system will not reform itself.
Prof. Osinbajo is a great VP candidate that should NOT be ignored because he is not on top of the ticket!!
Heck! Shouldn’t we be employing foresight, and see that we can invest our interest in his future candidature and what that will offer in 4 years time?

The system as we see it right now, didn’t just happen, some 9jrns made it what it is right now, either by COMMISSION OR OMISSION!!!

My friend if you do not partake in this election, you will be sustaining the status quo and entrenching the system as dysfunctional as it maybe, through YOUR OMISSION and not campaigning and or voting!!!

powerofthepeopleLet me use the metaphor of aging, since age is an issue in this election.
Assuming you are in your thirties, it goes without saying that most people will want to live into their 80’s and even beyond!!!
However they have little guarantee or none at all that they will live to see the next day, talk-less of the next week.
That said!
This doesn’t dissuade us from still hoping towards living that long and WORKING towards it!!! THE KEYWORD IN THIS ANALOGY IS WORKING TOWARDS IT, WORKING WITH WHAT WE HAVE AT THE MOMENT!!

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