Blog to E-Book by Debonair Publisher (Intro)

As an ebusiness solution architect and elearning dirtector; i have published and marketed books for a lot of clients. However that involved the client coming up with the manuscript and the cycles of editing that usually occurs with authoring a book.

However web technology is fast changing this, because with todays social media technology, the manuscipts are already written in many blogs. All that is needed is shrewd programmes that can extract related blog entries, bunch them into articles. Edit the articles into flowing chapters, and voila … you have your authored E-book that can be printed into a paperback book.

As a Nigerian Brit i have been passionate about Nigeria, as well as Britain. So i am going to author a book about Nigeria and Britain, from the existing Blog’s, Notes and Articles i have been writing about both countries over the last ten years.

To make this as immersive and engaging as possible, i will be giving a running blog commentary of the production of the E-Book. This book consists of 4 parts:

  1. My analysis of Nigeria’s strength’s and still pregnant potential, laced with some history.
  2. Nigeria’s seemingly intractable problems and proferred solutions.
  3. Contrast of Britain versus Nigeria politics, economy and culture.
  4. Lessons the British must learn from Nigeria and Nigeria from Britain to survive.

As part of the promotion of this E-Book, the top 10 contributors to my blog entries will win a free download copy of the E-Book

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