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Screenshot_2017-07-10-05-04-49-1The history we have at present is not rich, balanced or accurate enough in my opinion, the history we have is arguably not completely our story. Albeit this has been mostly taught in Nigeria, indeed Africa! It is also known by Africans not to be completely accurate, because some of our elders lived through those times, and that is not what they recall. So why weren’t these elders correcting the history then? Perhaps because at the time, in Nigeria’s case, there was a colonial master, with a policy.

However it has been almost 57 years this master left us to our own devices. So how come these history books are not corrected with more accurate versions of the story and published?

Perhaps due to low level of literacy and high costs of publishing at the time. That challenge is now in the past, because Debonair Training has the digital technology to rapidly assist in authoring, editing and publishing e-books professionally in different monetized formats, that can in-turn be published into print version. All with a very affordable budget that ensures the author retains intellectual property rights to profit immensely from digitally/paper published works. If you are a historian, or know of distinct accounts that will shed light/grant deeper understanding on our pertinent issues, now is the time to seize the opportunity. For more information on process and procedure, email info@debonairtraining.com


500 years ago, the Benin empire bronze casts, the exquisite Ife art works, the Terra-cottas where all the envy of the Western world, especially as they rivaled the technology of the West. There was great marvel, as to how these so called primitives were able to produce such fine works. The same applied with Iron-smithing, Gold-smithing etc.

However, during colonization, there was obviously a concerted effort to emasculate their subjects and to do so psychologically.Screenshot_2017-07-10-05-16-50-1

2 months ago I was in Benin city, where the Bronze castings were once the envy of the West, and I can report that there are fewer of the living guild members that produced these great works left. It is now incumbent on us to revamp our psychology, re-empower our psyche, with inherent traits, and write about what technology we once had, and to start from where we stopped.

The Jews have been beaten many times, but they always bounced back to base and continued from where they stopped. The same applied to the English, bouncing back from being Savages to then world leaders. History is replete with these kind of stories of rejuvenation. Of course in history there were also some people whose culture, language, technology and eventually people died-out because they lacked the wherewithal to seize opportunity when opportunity knocked. Could this be our opportunity? We are the ones we are waiting for!


We have so much wealth in our indigenous heritage that is still either oral or archaelogical, but not yet properly written history. And what is not measured is not yet valued, pending valuation.

Are we ready for the new creative economy, the preserving as well as continuing the development of our native technology, and refining it the African way, for our own inherent beauty and African flavoured solutions for existing peculiar problems.

Most people do not know that most legal drugs/pharmaceuticals are formulated from healing herbs (found only in the tropical rain forest of Africa, South American Amazon and South Asia). However most of the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies are in the West, because they follow, record, measure and research to manage the organic biochemicals. So to start with we have to have the habit of recording it in much detail before we can start measuring and researching and then producing the pharmaceuticals. As Peter Drucker says: “What gets measured, gets managed”



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~ Gregory Ekhator
Digital Solution Architect 

For more information on process and procedure, email info@debonairtraining.com


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