OPEN LETTER TO President Buhari, April 26, 2016

Dear sir, President Buhari,
I am still glad we succeeded in getting you elected president just over a year ago. However if truth be told, i am only just glad, because i am beginning to see a pattern of things which are looking exactly like the previous administration.

Your minister of information is frankly a liability to me and your administration. He seems the weakest link along with most in the media team. They all need to be vetted again, as they have squandered almost all your political capital.Sir, i will give you this feedback, after visiting most Nigerian state websites and portals, most of them have broken links or the website links referred to are just not there. New media department is essentially absent.
I am not surprised at the opposition, not giving us your supporters any wailing reprieve as they wail day and night, and we scramble to reassure them that you know what you are doing, because frankly this is a let down.
THERE IS GENOCIDE OCURRING IN NIGERIA right now, and in this link, your media man says the government are working silently! As if its normal for marauding herdsmen to murder innocent civilians. Mr President, your information minister is detached and removed, which reflects not very stella for you sir. Especially as he is your image man.

To add salt to injury sir, he made this announcement, while he was receiving honour, while receiving an accolade.
Sir, if I was not Nigerian, considering this, and that with all your integrity, all of this is still happening, i will quietly shake my head and resign hope.

Sir, hence I am writing to you, because I refuse to be bombarded into submission by the wailers, nor sedated to stupor by loyalists. At the end of the day, we want results. And your words perhaps above all Nigerian citizens in your class, carry real weight and are worth their salt. Sir check your staff for efficacy, because you are responsible for them.

Yours faithfully

Comrade Greg Ekhator

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