Using digital technology to reduce Food prices and save your money DB11


Controlling FOREX induced high food prices with a farmers produce network

The food prices generally in Nigeria will for a while fluctuate as the food chain adjusts to the FOREX, because through out the supply chain entrepreneurs bottomline is to seize opportunity to make a profit. However this is a problem for the ordinary family struggling to feed, and as such is a problem and a challenge to them.

nigerianfarm This is also seen as opportunity by Debonair Training digital technology connoisseurs and partners, as we furnish the consumers with information on where to get the best prices for produce and even go further and provide digital supply chain and ecommerce facility for delivery. A Jumia for organic food produce directly from the farmers at wholesale prices is the solution.
nigerianfarm2 The same database that collates information about farming is the same CRM database resource that collates information about the end to end food supply chain for each food produce. The registering of the farms in Nigeria is an on-going process and we encourage all our users to invite farm owners who control their own farms so they can have access to our produce network (DFPN). Each registered Farm owner also gets THEIR OWN BLOG on the produce network.



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