18 senators probed for corruption, 7 already in court

All the supporters and neutrals who voted for Buhari administration are now vindicated in their support. It is now clear to all and sundry that despite the teething problems in the anti-corruption fight that we are rooting for and the vociferious resistance by the corrupt and their sycophants that the anti-corruption war is still being prosecuted. The president maybe side-lined with illness and it may seem the corrupt have managed to stalemate the administration too many times, but it is now clear the Executive hold’s the commander in chief and most influence of the three tiers of Nigerian government.

I am particularly impressed at the persistence of the administration currently led by the vice president, that the ball is not dropped and that goals are being met, and that the rumour mongers are disgraced.

Talking about rumour mongering, we the Nigerian people both elite and masses are to blame for readily letting ourselves to be peddled unnecessarily with unverified stories. We entertain theories that are really conspiracy theories and wonder why we become dismissive with our peoples psyche. Our sense of veracity must be purposely high, knowing that the corrupt maliciously plant stores to bamboozle us and to steal from our own plate.

This piece from Sahara reporters of 18 being investigated with 7 already in court is good news, it gives credence to the power of the people is greater than the people in power.

Of course expect the dismissive ones to quickly come along and say oooo, “but we have watched this movie before, what happened to the money found in the Ikoyi pent house, and label it government magic.”

So we the people should be asking ourselves Questions… “Why are we quick to dismiss the probing of the corrupt and let the corrupt of the hook. So quick to accept they are all corrupt and should tacitly not bother fighting corruption?”

In response to a question, the source added: “Magu has no personal problem with any senator. He inherited most of these cases.”

Meanwhile, it was learnt that some of the senators have also made a “strong case for the discontinuation of either their investigation or prosecution by the EFCC as part of the conditions for supporting  Magu.

So it is clear why these Senators are resisting the appointment of Magu, yet we have bloggers we know rubbishing Magu. SO ONCE AGAIN THE ONUS IS ON US.  For not speaking out against witty or unwitting sycophants amongst us.

Click here to read the SR full story of the 18 Senators being probed with some already in court

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