Foresight or the lack of it all over again

When the Grefnel tower burnt out, we saw the frantic efforts of the authority to contain the fall out, the aftermath effects. And even their efforts was not sufficient enough and is still complained about.

The same mass outpouring of help when the South of USA experienced Hurricane Katrina, and the massive efforts to support the area from other states to handle the fall out.

It simply follow logic and in the Tropics it should be well known that whenever there is flooding, that kills people, there will water contamination and germs will spread more rapidly especially faecal germs aka Bacteria. If the immediate aftermath response does not operate with foresight aka the government, they will not foresee Cholera, Dysentery or the like.

This is what the government is for, however, the government of Lagos state do not come from Mars, they are manned by Nigerians and have been for a while.

Hence i still maintain, whenever the Vice-President is ready to take me up on my proposal, that FORESIGHT should be taught as a course separately both in secondary and tertiary education, just for the future of Nigeria. All government and businesses should have a Health and Safety grading license, with training certifications approved by government given to them as well.

Of course i expect someone to rebutt, and say but the problem is not licensing, it is regulation and corruption. My reply, but we have Mr Buhari, Mr anti-corruption?

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