When last did you do a digital security check?

digitalsecurityPeople are getting more concerned about their digital and data security.
First advise govern your passwords more than you care for your house and car keys!
If you need more tips.

In life, for the most important things: we naturally have concrete procedures in place to safeguard us in emergencies, break-in’s or breakdown’s.

Hence we have the Ambulance and Fire services, we have life and health insurance, we have burglar alarms, Roadside breakdown service etc. However little thought has been given to digital security beyond standard firewall security systems, because until recently the threats have been routine and predictable. Our lives weren’t too disrupted when there was a digital security breach because our lifestyle wasn’t yet fully¬†digitised.

Now, reality is hitting home and the value of digital security and routine security checks is now becoming very important as even insurance companies want to know what our digital habits are before giving insurance.

Greg Ekhator is a Digital Solutions architect and Consultant

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