Is there a Daddy Freeze in you, we are all waiting for?

I am glad with the current awakening about our moral compass. With the increased questioning, of our awareness and the departure from the typical vague dread of the supernatural that has allowed fraudsters and Charlatans to rip off believers of the most high God.

Today’s papers had on their front page a story of a major pastor in London. I was skeptical from the first day I was invited to one of his Church services a while ago. A very charismatic personality, he attracted cult of personality worshipers and bamboozled them enough to believing that celebrating him was also celebrating our Lord Jesus Christ.

At the time I will admit I wasn’t as matured a Christian or as bold with my knowledge of the gospel as I may be now, already there were too many telltale signs to be missed from my knowledge of the Bible that any true worshiper of God will immediately know that something is amiss and thread carefully. Of course i am not proclaiming i am holier than anyone, perhaps some are more given to be readily consumed by the “razz-ma-tazz” more than the substance. Perhaps they are more concerned with the proverbial sizzle more than the stake. I must admit some can easily get over-awed and overwhelmed when you are in the same room as super charming preachers as TD Jakes, David Oyedepo and Matthew Ashimolowo. Its very easy to confuse charm and charisma with anointing at such times IF one hasn’t really studied the holy word of God with understanding. Note i am not judging the individual pastors to condemnation but judging righteously, exactly the way Jesus said we should judge as in John 7:24

Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze

Thankfully the awakening has gotten to the point of Radio Personality “Daddy Freeze” capturing enough of the mainstream media’s attention and the attention of pertinent Pastors enough to respond in a “tit for tat”. It is critical that many more of us who have studied the scriptures with good intentions, do engage and talk charlatans down (when they are being charlatan) with the Word of God. The super pastors do not have a monopoly of the anointing or blessing or understanding or being used by God. As a matter of fact, Jesus Christ said, by their fruits you will know them. So this is what we should go looking for – their fruits. If they are living a flamboyant luxurious lifestyle, then that is enough fruit for any true student of the word of God, as it is clearly written – that many pierce themselves with many griefs in the pursuit of money, that the love of money is the root of evil.

In 2012, on behalf of a group of 100 christian delegates ” 100 strong delegation OCCUPY Christians “, I sent a letter to 20 top church leaders in Nigeria – admonishing them for not preaching against corruption. That instead of preaching against corruption, they have the head of “CAN” openly cavorting with or soliciting the support of corrupt politicians that they are supposed to be admonishing. I challenged all 20 of them to provide documented media to show they are educating their congregation about the effects of corruption, and against corruption as much as they ask for tithe and offering from them.

Do you know how many replies to my letter I received?

My letter had an ultimatum, that we will protest, at their churches. Do you know how many protesters subscribed.  Less than 50. So you may ask why not so much more outrage?

The answer is as Pastor Tunde Bakare succinctly put it here: They control the destiny of millions.

Please watch this video and listen intently to what is required for Nigeria to change rapidly. When you ponder it, these intelligent charlatans know that the Nigerian people are self inflicted culturally with the “vague dread of the supernatural”, and don’t really want to know God, they will rather have these so called men of god, (MOG) commune directly with God so that they can be psychologically released before themselves and their neighbour’s to continue in their corrupt practices as obtains today in Nigeria. As a footnote I must say that this video of Pastor Tunde Bakare lambasting his own clergy peers is more than I could ask for if he had replied to my letter.

In my recently published book, (Restructuring or Accculturing of Nigeria 1) Chapter 8, I delve chronologically into the moral decay of Nigeria as much I have witnessed it. Points of note that pertain to today’s state of affairs are:

New book Restructuring or Acculturing of Nigeria 1

New book Restructuring or Acculturing of Nigeria 1

How have our moral values been eroded?
Since the late 1970’s our moral values have been steadily declining unchecked by all moral custodians; especially the Religious moral custodians.
In an article for CHANGE entitled “The failure of Nigerian Religious Institutions” he details how despite our strong rooted religious values, our societal values do not mirror the religion we espouse, at least compared to a country like Japan. He goes into detail, of how we are all complicit:

“Both religions have similar core value attributes and sanctions against indiscipline, oppression, wickedness and corruption. What is wrong with the conscience implanted by our creator in steering our basic daily activities, either private or public?

Let’s not take it far. You and I make up the two religions. How often do we obey traffic rules? Do we dump refuse in the gutters during rainfall? How often do we litter the streets with sachet? How often do we discharge our civilian duties without supervision? How often do we do the right thing at work? Diligence? How good does our integrity smell?”

His questioning of our obedience to traffic regulations is 100% accurate, as this is the junction where all 6 moral custodians display our character, and the content of our conscience.

I have travelled to many countries, and most people who have done the same, will agree that the driving habits of each country’s busy city, relatively depicts the character of the people in that city. This article written in 2011 sheds some light on the Matters of the moment from Nigeria Nov. 2011 (Link in reference bottom)

Other key aspects that will awaken Nigerians  in this chapter 8 include:

  • Who are the moral custodians?
  • Importance of Religious moral custodians
  • Timeline of erosion of our moral fabric and the complicit quiet Religious leaders – Pg 209
  • Shagari admin
  • IBB appease military
  • Irony of Archbishop Benson Idahosa

The late Archbishop Idahosa, may be referred to as the pioneer of Prosperity preaching in Nigeria, however in all fairness he was also known to fearlessly dress down General Sanni Abacha, for corruption and the fate of the nation. Yet his protege’s somehow can’t find the temerity to do this part of the teachings he mentored them so well in. If they were, at least they will have been responding like their mentor did.

Please watch and listen:

Thankfully the solution and awakening to this problem as I recommended in 2012 (Daddy Freeze) is already happening:

Solution: An awakening of d people to rebuke our moral custodians for dereliction of duty, because we know the instructive scriptures they read from too.

  1. This will involve peaceful revolt & rejecting of corrupt clergy (who refuse to do the right thing) by members!
  2. A robust national conversation by signatory religious organisations to provide moral compass to combat deadly 7 sins
  3. A commitment by media organisations to name & shame moral bankrupt Nigerians & glorify moral role models based on morally sound conduct.
  4. A national peaceful protest by Civil Society calling clarity when it comes to  separation of church & state.

For on this Moral Custody and what part you play in rectifying our collective moral compass, get your copy of “Restructuring or Acculturing of Nigeria 1” because indeed regardless of what configuration Nigeria is restructured to, Corruption will still be there. “If you haven’t removed the elephant from the room, it is still in the room.”

Click to get your copy of Restructuring or Acculturing of Nigeria 1 Book front cover

So it is up to us the people of Nigeria to tolerate bad behavior, from those perpetrating what “we the people” conscientiously know is morally wrong. We must say enough of watching in entertainment, as if when charlatans and fraudsters carry out their illicit trade, that it will not affect us. It may not affect us directly now but it does affect us indirectly now, and directly later. The current reputation of Nigerians that made made “David Cameron” (previous British PM) say Nigerians are FANTASTICALLY CORRUPT is an example of how the silent refusal to call out charlatan clergy and the corrupt politicians with factual evidence (Alamesiga) allows us to carry a direct label, until we prove ourselves individually different from the collective.

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