The much awaited Inspiring book interview with top rated talk-show host “Amber” on Restructuring Nigeria!! Your thoughts?


My friends, I need your thoughts, contributions and tough questions here, because there are too many unanswered questions as the ones revealed in this interview. Perhaps you have better answers than i provided. I know i don’t have all the answers, but i do know collectively we do?

Here, I am grateful to be invited by one of the best DIASPORAN talk show hosts in London – the Rising Star “Amber” along with Joseph, dissecting the RESTRUCTURING OR ACCULTURING OF NIGERIA authored by “Gregory Ekhator”
Keep the questions coming, don’t stop.

Note: the questions include the following, and you certainly can ask some more here as this matter applies to you:
1. The book contains a lot of facts about Nigeria, such as we are 9th in the world in consuming data. How exactly is this beneficial to the readers?
2. Will restructuring Nigeria change the Attitude of Nigerians towards Nigeria? Allowing us to examine our person when considering ethnicity and Morality. Are you suggesting if Nigeria is restructured with all states in true federalism,;it won’t make any difference?
3. Do you think most of those who agreed with Emir Sanusi then (2013), will still agree with him now? In light of the current Fulani herdsmen crisis?
4. You may ask your own questions here in the same Socratic questioning model, so we can evolve our ideology as many things are dependent on us formalising our values beyond the default setting of tribalism.

Some of the revelations include the unraveling great EMPLOYMENT opportunity in BIG DATA and TRAINING to seize the opportunities in DEBONAIR VIRTUAL SCHOOL with online courses taken anywhere.

To get really inspired and motivated to seize opportunities or help others seize them:
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Thank you.

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