Nigerian state supporting home grown innovation

In todays Evening Standard 8:2:18 there is a tribute to State govt helping Tech South African “Musk” creator of Electric car Tesla, Space X & Paypal.
I am Nigerian and just published a book about our Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
Instead of the Nigerian govt and people to rally around entrepreneural creative spirit and innovation, they rally around political witch-hunting and investigating media.

I was interviewed about the points in my book recently. Which includes the same Solar power to turn our problems to opportunities.

1. Benefits of 21st century learning and Nigeria being 9th consuming data-

2. Security problems are really also job opportunities for skilled Data analysts, linking chipped cows with BVN and NIGERIANSAT monitoring –

3. Corruption problem can be tackled with more data analysts because with BVN money can be tracked –

4. Security problems are really also job opportunities with solar powered cctv monitors networked between organised neighbourhoods with government oversight

5. Unemployment problem solved with filling the gap of needs for Training and R&D to solve problems. 3 problems solved at once?

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