Business researched data in Nigeria gives new opportunities

Get your business research data analysis for your new or to be reviewed business plan!! Consider these critical questions for your business or proposed business and your answers to them?

  • Who buys or will buy your product the most?
  • Where does or could your products sell the most?
  • When does it sell the most now?
  • Which type of people of people are buying/could buy it and what variety of your product?
  • How much are or will they buying it for?

Debonair Training is delighted to now offer deep “Nigeria” business data analytics for your business using our “big data” tool in conjunction with our business partners and affiliates.

Whether you are an existing, established business player or you are budding business start up, it is imperative to know the changing details of your market place, starting with the 7 P’s – Product, Place, Price, Promotion, People, Process and Physical Environment. The banks and financial houses need the data complete with the infographics from you, and even if you do not require the the funds from the bank, your business needs to have a clear business plan that maps out the future direction and metrics to measure goals.

The market is always responding to market forces and only those who are equipped with the accurate data regardless of the environment will be able to sieze the opportunities that present themselves. Those who fail to seize the opportunities will eventually find themselves trying to survive until they can’t anymore.

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Restructuring or Acculturing of Nigeria 1

In my book “Restructuring or Acculturing of Nigeria 1”, chapter 2 contains a slew of researched data on Nigeria for readers who possess a business acumen to seize more opportunities. For example:

  • Nigeria is 1st in the world for sales of Condoms. This is a clue for shop owners. This is because Condom manufacturers have spotted from the data, a business opportunity due to 3.2 million of 192 million people are living with HIV  ~ Restructuring or Acculturing of Nigeria 1, page 16
  • Are you thinking of going of going into Cassava farming? Note: Nigeria was the top producer of Cassava in the world (2016). Then which Nigerian state location is best for your aggro-economy ??
    ~ Benue is the top state then: Taraba, Kogi, Imo, and Cross River states.
  • Nigeria is 9th in the world for Mobile data use and internet connectivity with 25.7% of 192 million population connected and growing yearly.

Using the power of big data provided by “Debonair Training” you will become empowered to discern why the number of car units sold doubles periodically every few years. You will be able to position yourself for when exactly it will double again. Since vehicle sales are the 2nd biggest house-hold purchase after house buying or building, the value chain from knowing this piece of data is tremendous, from the car-dealership, to roads-side mechanics to spare-parts industry, to recruitment for drivers and beyond!!

Something amazing happens when decisions are taken without proper information/data. In an attempt to escape the present situation; often one jumps from “frying pan to fire.”

Many Nigerians seeking to emigrate out of Nigeria for economic reasons, will be as surprised as those who find themselves enslaved in Libya; striving to reach the West. Most do not know that Nigeria has a higher GDP than Ireland, Israel, Denmark, South Africa and Portugal. Which means even though these countries may have better electricity supply and better wealth management skills than Nigeria, they also will have less jobs and money to go around for their own citizens. New immigrants always start at the bottom of the economic strata and then rise up. So many migrants will be frustrated they didn’t do their research or consult “Debonair Training“, before squandering their seed investment on migrating anywhere in the west, when they could have weighed their options with superior information/data.

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~ Greg Ekhator
CEO and Analytics director

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