GDPR – From the 25th of May, 2018 the New EU regulation on DATA comes into effect. This is very timely especially in light of how data was hacked and manipulated by Cambridge Analytica, including to manipulate elections in different countries. Investigations are still ongoing into what crimes may have occurred.





The important things for all website owners to know include these:

  • They are responsible for the data website visitors enter into their website interactive forms
  • They keep the data for only a set period of time
  • They notify visitors of what data is collected
  • What they will do with the data
  • Give visitors the option to grant consent for collecting the data
  • Give visitors the option to opt out at anytime
  • Notify visitors of any changes in their terms and conditions
  • Have a designated Data protection officer, or assume the role themselves
  • There is a steep fine for breaking this regulation

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