Inspire someone, a friend, neighbour, family, an elder, a youngster, perhaps yourself to soar like an Eagle

You can’t hang out with Chickens and expect to soar with Eagles

Everyday we get the opportunity to inspire, influence and boost somebody to their greater self. Statistically only 8% of us are motivated enough to achieve our goals, which could mean only 8 out of 100, less than 1 out of 10 of us, are inspired to achieve our positive goals. This is a dire trend and doesn’t bode well for the future.

It all depends on who we regard as friends and spend time with, because as much as we influence them, they influence us. Hence those who want to soar like Eagles but hang out with Chickens are bound to be part of the 92% who don’t achieve their goals. It must be said, that no one stays inspired or motivated 100% of the time, or has the holy grail for motivation.

A case in point with inspiration both personal and collective inspiration, is the African saying: “IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD”

At present in “London”, there is a “Knife crime epidemic” with teenagers and young adults killing each other. These are peoples children, brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces. They come from families. All of these victims have living relatives and friends, who could have reduced or completely stamped out the chances of them becoming victims if they had been motivated/inspired enough to make a concerted effort to ensure the youngster was guided properly, if they took the responsibility to inspire the youngster with a vision of what a prosperous purpose driven life could look like. Perhaps the relatives and friends actually did try, but where hampered by other relatives, in confluence with the broken “family justice system” as recently documented on CNN.

The scary part is there will be future victims, and yes they will be somebody’s children, siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews and friends.Image result for you can't hang out with chickens and expect to soar with eagles images

Sometimes just one weekly inspirational share or message or social media tag does the trick to inspire them, because these children are our children, somebody’s future husband, wife, father, mother, leader, employee, employer or inlaw. When you think about it, when you at least share this kind of message weekly, you are not just SPENDING your time sending it, you are INVESTING your time in your future, because you have the FORESIGHT to mold the community you want to live in, in the future. Remember “As you make your bed, so you lay on it”, the Children dying now have been in the making for a generation, failing to have the foresight of today. Lets not allow this happen anymore. Seize the day!

Concerning the “Youngsters”, things for you to do:

  1. Identify those youngsters around you, you want to influence positively
  2. Identify what are the aspirations of the youngsters, who are their role models
  3. Resolve to impact them to empower them with good visions, role models and clear goals short and longterm
  4. Follow up weekly along with their cooperating guardian

Concerning couples, employees, entrepreneurs and all kind of leaders

  1. The same applies as with youngsters above
  2. simply substitute “Youngsters”, with either “couples”, “employees”, “entrepreneurs” and all kind of “leaders”
  3. The couples part is very important, because most of these youngsters come from broken homes, and recall “There is no smoke without fire!” Blame trading, won’t work, but RESPONSIBILITY TRADING will, and will fix this, in some cases… in the twinkle of an eye!!!
  4. Let foresight reveal to them through leap in understanding due to focus, change will happen, and you will feel very good about your contribution

This short YouTube video message from Joel Olsteen hits the nail on the head. This is a must share to all “Youngsters”,  “couples”, “employees”, “entrepreneurs” and all kind of “leaders”  !!

For the youngsters, ensure you click on this link for the hip hop tune from Slim Thug ft Joel Osteen

Your thoughts and comments are highly appreciated, including Debonair Training possibly producing a training course around this our collective problem?

So if you have specialist knowledge of any part of the subject matter that can solve the confluence of issues message me on or contact


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