In search of a competent Nigerian president come 2019 – 1

In search of a competent Nigerian president come 2019 – 1

Further to my Facebook post encouraging all my facebook Friends to attend the 12th of May Sowore Townhall meeting in London, I did attend the event, to discern if my “Omoyele Sowore” is the one! The following blog entry is my impression of him!!

I will start by saying – I should have a bias for Sowore, because like me he is an activist, we attended university in Nigeria at about the same time as activists, and we are both digital solution authors and analysts. This not withstanding I am still clear of my objective for a young digital savvy creative economy leader, with credibility and electability based on his own precedence!

Sowore Townhall meeting and strategy was really great, he is fully abreast of the issues. He is very substantive and seems to have a plan. However, this plan and planned execution of it, with which team, is what we should investigate deeply, for the collective long-term vision of Nigeria without being too rigid in our thinking due to previous let-downs.

I met a facebook friend i have never met in person before and together we analysed the situation going forward:

My SWOT analysis (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) in bullet points are as follows:


  • Visionary with practical understanding of “big data” and its use in the future
  • Youth, and connecting with the youth
  • Awareness of the issues, due to impact in the last elections vis-a-vis Sahara Reporters
  • Successful entrepreneur and founder of Sahara Reporters, with high standard of veracity in reporting news
  • Activist
  • Guts and Wits
  • Understanding of Nigeria
  • Apparently detribalised
  • Charisma


  • Unclear mechanism of funding for his plans such as raising minimum wage
  • Unclear mechanism of how he will deal with the existing power mongers in Nigeria, to succeed where Buhari has failed.
  • Unclear of who will comprise his team to bring about real change, that will guarantee the change will not be fake again
  • Not yet articulated or forged clear ideology or partisan platform from which to contest


  • Young and tenacious, who has experienced injustice in Nigeria and can address it from experience
  • Increase the sense of veracity of Nigerians, because the standard of what truth is acceptable is a root cause of Nigerian problems
  • His strategy to get out the vote especially via diaspora gives him a winning edge because diaspora remittance is second FDI earner for Nigeria
  • There will be more voters with PVC in the next election cycle because he is promoting that we require PVC documentation before further remittance for Nigerians own good.
  • Head-start advantage of the first aspirant campaigning from London UK, because undoubtedly it is a pacesetter for Nigeria


  • He is an outsider with no Nigerian political experience and undoubtedly Nigeria on paper is different from practical Nigeria
  • He does not get enough endorsement from the youth, because he is against stomach infrastructure

This is the full video about 3 hours long including those who spoke before him at the event. SO LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS USING MY SWOT ANALYSIS BULLET POINTS for further analysis.

LIVE: FROM LONDON TOWN HALL! #TakeItBack Tv #Sowore2019

Geplaatst door Omoyele Sowore op zaterdag 12 mei 2018

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