Nigeria Covid 19 Pandemic alert and control system

I really appreciate the efforts of the Nigerian government via the ministry of health, NCDC, state governors and their respective health commissioners in tackling this pandemic head-on. The devastation could have been much worse and on the scale of the USA and Europe if not for some mitigation efforts to delay community spread. The pandemic rate has been delayed with some success, however as President Buhari rightly said: we still have quite some way to go.


A digital software ALERT SYSTEM specially produced to contain community spread of Covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria through monitoring of awareness of organisation heads and granting them licenses to operate. This software is open to be made “fit for purpose” pending instructions from Nigerian health authority.

Present situation

I have been monitoring the data collected so far; as the Nigerian government attempts to balance “saving the lives versus saving the livelihoods” of increasingly restless Nigerians:

As of 10th May 2020, there has been 4,399 Covid-19 infection cases, 143 deaths with 23, 835 tests done.

It is obvious these numbers will rise exponentially with the increasing number of tests indicative of increasing community spread, with prevalence occurring in the Northern part, especially hotspot Kano state.

The numbers will continue to increase in the north as well as in Lagos state, which will unfortunately filter to the rest of Nigeria because of the following PROBLEMS:


  1. Poor awareness due to information communication METHODS of severity and prevention
  2. Community HABITS especially religious and customary ones

If these 2 precursor problems are not managed adequately then we will continually be putting out metaphorical infection fires, instead of removing the elements that spark the fire.

It will also mean:

  • The infection and thus death rate will continue to increase rapidly in Lagos and especially in Kano, decimating many and infection rates could rise to more than 700 day in the next few weeks, if steps are not urgently taken.
  • This will result in a second wave of infections in Nigeria, ahead of second global second global pandemic wave which will surely occur in the next 6 to 12 months, if there is no vaccine for a mutated Covid 19.
  • Economic hardship and in a worst case scenario, even unrest: It is noteworthy that while tackling this pandemic, economic activities will be severely affected anywhere in the world, however only those who have the best tracking, monitoring and responsive control system, will emerge from it quicker and be able sustain their economy with the instituted control system.

Proposed solution

  • The daily data provided by NCDC when analysed, indicates Nigerians need a LOCALISED Covid 19 pandemic alert system.

Localised to each community via their community leaders using an agreed Nigerian federal template to:

  1. Advise them of which communal habits to change and the methods of making the MONITOR-ABLED change.
  2. Warn the community of the short-term and long term effects of not changing their communal habits.
  3. Establish a whistleblowing system to safeguard the community
  4. Short training courses/modules that are mandatory for all employees and business owners according to human resource/industry sector. All employees and business owners must register with their authenticated identity in the TRAINING PORTAL to indicate they understand their responsibility to the community of collectively preventing and containing community spread.
  5. These training courses/modules will be translated to their local languages for those who do not understand English language.
  6. The key to success is this has to be mandatory for government to extend the registered licensee to operate their business in public.
  7. These short training modules will be customised to organisation type so it is “fit for purpose”: From Street hawkers/Sellers, Market stall owners to Corporate companies to government ministries. The criteria to ascertain understanding and level of community protection conferred from their pass-marks will be ascertained by Ministry of Health / NCDC.
    Note: Identity of all registrants could be confirmed by BVN number or similar, as National health is really a National HEALTH SECURITY matter.
  8. The following is 1 of 4, YouTube videos my company – Debonair Training Ltd has produced as examples of these training modules for businesses and organisations to get Covid-19 infection control licenses (certificate of worthiness).

Pending further instructions from you and your ministry on specifications to authorise making this more fit for purpose to combat this pandemic. This is PART 1, which links to part 2, part 3, and part 4 (assessment).

  • The customisation of each module to each “means of livelihood” in Nigeria will ensure the government can effectively control  the infection rate until this pandemic passes.

In the aftermath, it will be noticed that the Education and Information ministries can harness this system to impart information and knowledge directly to the citizenry for more national security and nation building.


Digital training SOFTWARE ALERT SYSTEM to ascertain awareness and responsiveness of community leaders, business owners and organisational head, with the incentive of lifting their lockdown upon centrally monitored compliance is the best method right now to PREVENT death rates rising from the present 143 to 700 and then shortly after 700/day, all in a few weeks.

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