**40th Anniversary**

The planning committee and Exco have two possible periods to have our 40th anniversary celebrations: October or December 2021.

We are therefore soliciting your input in this decision, so that we can all collectively agree, for maximum participation.

We have outlined some of the pros and cons for each period as follows:

– The school started in Sept 1981, this is closest to the actual commencement date.
– There is a much lower safety risk from criminal activities, travel, road congestion, Covid19 super spreader events, etc.
– Cost of flights and transportation is cheaper in October.
– Cost of hotels, food, catering, venue etc are less expensive than the festive season with hiked prices.
– Covid19 vaccination may not have been widespread enough.

– With Covid19 situation, vaccine rollout will be more widespread in December than October. This makes it a safer month from a Covid perspective
– Many people who generally travel to Benin in December for Christmas, can kill two birds with one stone, if we have this in December.
– Festive seasons have a much higher safety risk from criminal activities, road congestion, Covid19 super spreader events, etc.
– Costs of catering, hotel accommodation and venues are also higher in the festive season.
– Travel costs and air fares are significantly higher in December.

Kindly assist us in this decision making by choosing your preferred option based on the above thought processes.
We will therefore go with the majority.

To facilitate this, this online poll has been provided below for your vote, please  register your vote.

We will leave the process open until Thursday 21st January, to allow maximum participation.

Let’s do this together!!

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