UDOSANS SKILLS CBT TRAINING HUBOn the occasion of the 40 years anniversary of UDSS, Sponsors and partners of UDSS ALL SETS old school associations (UDOSANS) have made significant progress producing a fit for purpose LMS (Learning Management System) with the goal of enabling UDSS becoming a top 10 school in Edo state, instead of the current 88th ranked position.

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We are fully aware that postponing this development amounts to typical future procrastination and that seizing the 40th anniversary energy is paramount. That the present ranking of UDSS now is the indirect ranking of our future, as most of us who are not already home will eventually return home, hence we are preparing in our own part, the foundation capacity of our future workforce .

The LMS is designed to have all UDSS curricula online (plus 50 desktop computers, mobile device enabled, WiFi and solar power supply),  a CBT for Teacher training, an exclusive section for Sponsors/partners to monitor efficacy of investment, and a section for UDOSANS to update/upgrade their skills for the workplace. All our decisions are and will continue to be guided by data including the choice of this LMS after surveying the teachers, students and researching what the top 10 schools are doing to be top 10.

11 benefits have been identified for UDOSANs so far; however we need your input to guide us to prioritise the delivery of, and what training programmes are most required in this short survey.

Note: Your participation in this survey below is anonymous. However if you register before taking the poll; you could get free addition to the 40th anniversary committee and free registration to the LMS CBT training programmes with the 11 benefits surveyed here, once complete

~ Greg Ekhator (Chairman – Original UDSS 40th Anniversary Committee)

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The goal is for networking and wealth creation opportunities in our UDOSA community?
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