Debonair Training Ltd expansion in Nigeria

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We have been providing educational technology solutions to various international institutions and organisations for more than 20 years now. The world has evolved from more traditional methods of learning to digital patterns and we are happy to be part of/members of/contributors to that evolution. 

Our solutions include providing the best customer experience with quality bespoke training delivery, interactive software packages and excellent customer support to help increase productivity and profit margins for schools and corporate organisations. 

Our Moodle Learning Management System provides the best virtual learning experience to our clients. It is no wonder that we have gained the trust and confidence of top notch schools like University College London, University of Nottingham, as well as the British and Canadian governments.

We are here to support organisations and educational institutions in their efforts to strengthen the educational sector in Nigeria.

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The benefits of EdTech cannot be overemphasised, the system of education in Nigeria will be better-off if every school integrates Tech within their core curriculum and the government has a great role to play in ensuring this comes to realisation so that education can be made available to all regardless of one’s social status.  Teachers are responsible for preparing students for the 21st-Century world. So it is said

“Knowledge is power, therefore the need to embrace new methodologies has come to be.”
~ Uzodinma Joan Ugonwanyi
Global Edtech:

For more on how to harness EdTech, Develop/maintain a learning Management System LMS or just consultations about it, contact us today or browse to our VLE

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