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Debonair Training Limited registered in UK and Nigeria provides the best in-class online/offline training software, training content and the training platform for targeted businesses to achieve best in-class quality of product/service goals which ultimately improves their profits https://debonairtraining.com . Our Training school offers by default a range of courses necessary for business excellence such as Business analysis, Office administration, Human Resources and Basic Computing. Our 2nd and 3rd tier level courses are more specific to clients specific business critical needs https://debonairtraining.com/lms . We are an IBM certified organisation, producing learning and training solutions for 20 years now. Founded by Gregory Ekhator who holds a BSc & MSc (LondonMet), a PhD candidate for 3D training roadmap for industry. We have produced Learning Management system (LMS) and instructional designs for the British government: DWP & NHS in UK, World class Universities such as University College London (3rd ranked in the world), and top 10 global conglomerates such as American IBM and Canadian CGI. We recently provided the digital training software to train Greater London Authority (GLA) staff to conduct the first ever electronic ballot counting of the London Mayor Elections. We recently produced and deployed a Learning Management System for the University of Benin Demonstration Secondary School. Nigeria https://unibendsslms.org . and revamped the LMS of Nord Anglia university with its 73 schools worldwide https://globalcampus.nae.school/ . We are currently developing Cerner software modules for a couple of NHS Trusts. Our identified Objective, Opportunity and Solution for your organization are exactly our strengths, and benefits to your organization will be noticed almost immediately. Such as increasing your market share due to increased quality of service, openness to global market and magnification of your product/service unique selling point through your digital business plan. You will be pleased to know, we can demonstrate this today with our provision of this trial here …….., if we haven’t already signed up our full quota for this week. Our online training classes ensures that apart from registration/ induction and revision/examinations; all our clients save time/money travelling and learn quicker than their nearest market competition. For more information or for inquiries use the Contact form or email us info@debonairtraining.com

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