Boost your product or service sales (Brand PR) with a training offer

Related imageDebonair Training is now offering free Public Relations (PR) consultations on how to boost your product or service sales online using a novel method of “Added Value” that your competitors are not offering!

Whats more?

  1. The training is offered online to your customers
  2. You will end up not only with a satisfied customer/client, but a walking talking Publicity agent of your product / Service

Example 1: If you sell Fashion wares in your online store; your clients will cherish the know-how of dressing like one of the top fashion models Male or Female.

Example 2: If you own a restaurant or the like, your customers/clients will absolutely love not only the recipee of a bonus cuisine you specialize in, but a training tutorial with video support on how to do it.

Of course while your goal is P.R. and advertising of your product/service brand, the extra beauty of this is once your training / tutorial becomes popular with search engine optimization, you end up with an extra product line.

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Further more Debonair Training will guide you on how to make extra residual revenue using YouTube! Such that if your training video gets 2 Million views in whatever period, you will earn over £6000.

How much is £6000 in Nigerian Naira nowadays?

To take advantage of this send an email to addedvalue@debonairtraining.com for a no obligation initially FREE PR consultation on training added value to your offering or contact us.

Restructuring or Acculturing 1 of Nigeria by Gregory Ekhator (e-Book ) Gregory E Ekhator

  • Restructuring or Acculturing 1 of Nigeria by Gregory Ekhator (e-Book ) This book is perhaps like no other you have read before, as it is one of the first books to be converted from a series of related Articles and Blog posts. The research question guiding every chapter of this book is: Will restructuring change the attitude of Nigerians to Nigeria? Metaphorically speaking: Should the cart be pulling the horse or the horse pulling the cart?

    Key Subjects:

    • Nigeria today, position in the world and achievements?
    • Recurring underlying problems which restructuring may not solve?
    • ​Opportunities existing in the problems including digital technology
    • Foreseeing result of constructing, restructuring or destructing Nigeria from the perspective of Nigerians as interactively blogged live.
    This book is the culmination of my passion​ate study/experience of Nigeria, the articles  and intense discussions i have had with fellow Nigerians. A contribution to the existing body of work, and roadmap for generations to come. Nigeria is uniquely positioned in the world, and to whom much is given, much is expected. Note: After downloading, for best Viewing/E-Reading, ADD extension/plugin "PDF dFlip viewer" to your browser
  • Debonair Training and Publisher
  • December 1, 2017
  • 270 pages
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