The latest options for your digital roadmap

There are many options to consider when executing your business digital plan, whether E-Learning, Ecommerce, CRM, SCM and the most apt technologies for them.

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We have business partnerships with a host of organisations globally including:

  • IBM
  • Alliance hospital Abuja.
  • Medvical International, Benin City

20 years Digital / Edtech Experience You Can Trust?

E-Learning is transforming Education across the world. We help close the digital divide, so no one is left behind.

Full Services Debonair Offers

Full-Stack Software Development

PHP, MySQL, Laravel, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, jQuery, jQuery UI/Mobile, CSS, GoogleAPI’s Twitter Bootstrap JSON, AJAX, SAAS, CRM, SCM, BI, ERP,. H5P, OOP, ASP, Single Page Applications

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Independent Consultation

Blended learning, Pedagogy, LMS, CMS, UX/UI AGILE/SCRUM, ADDIE, RAD, SSADM with SCORM 1.2/2004, Tin Can API, Elearning, Training, Digital Divide.

Learning Management System

Moodle 4.x, Moodle 3.x, Cornerstone, Blackboard, Google Classroom, Zoom, Microsoft Teams Adobe Captivate Prime etc..

Training School Complex

14 room Purpose built training School with equipped conference hall, Lecture Theater and restaurant. Fully qualified and trained tutors. Onsite & Online.

How Our Technology Is Closing the Digital Divide

Once upon a time, a business guru elucidated to me: Generally, there are 4 ways to create wealth:

  1. 1) Leverage of your Time (We all have a limited 86,400 seconds in a day, as long we are alive)
  2. 2) Leveraging of your Money (Investing and letting your money work for you, instead of you working)


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Due to EdTech, the talented earn a comfortable living whether in Lagos, London or Los Angeles, as they produce the same value.

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