E- Learning, E- enablement and E- Campaigns

A successful E- Business operation requires a strategic E- Enablement of all the processes that ensure success in a traditional campaign, become more cost-effective as a remotely executed E- Campaign. Backed by an e-marketing strategy with E- Learning / Training for keeping high quality standards.

We offer a range of these to leverage your existing business database while building it up to be more formidable.

The above list is not exhaustive of marketing tools but a cross section of the most common ones.

Our projects include past or ongoing contracts with conglomerates all the way down to small business start up’s from large scale projects as IBM e-enabling E- Learning within the Department of Works and Pension (DWP), benefits system, the jobs center, Vodafone’s sales portal for their sales consultants, Directing full scale ICT projects for world class hospital Alliance Hospital Abuja and facilitating conferences with collaborating partners of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

Every large project was once small, so our ethos is to focus on the detail of every project. We recognize, once there is mastery in counting the pennies, the pounds will certainly add up later.

For more information on how exactly we can help you achieve your near and long term business objectives, including scheduling an online demo of our software products/services; please use this CONTACT FORM